No man is an island

I have worked in Bhutan as JICA volunteer since Jan. 2017. I specialize in remote sensing and GIS and teach researchers these skill.

No man is an island

Happiness is a place

24. Cleaning day part 2

I took part in cleaning day on May 9th. The number of participants is around 30. We picked up trash on the street from my post (Lami gonpa) to Jakar Dzon. I had an impression that there was little trash around here compared with Kiki La I went before.

This map shows the track we walked. The elevation of the starting point is 2896 m and the end point is 2692 m (the elevation of the town is around 2600 m). The difference in height is 200 m ! Given the total distance (3.24 km), How steap slope is. The average slope value is 7.6%. If you climb the slope of 5% gradient by bicycle, it will be difficult to do without taking a break according to some information on the internet.  

Likewise, that means that it is very tough to go down to the town to buy something to eat on foot. It takes about 2 hours there and back. That's healthful exericise for me.







I have to get back on track.

We will do the activity once a month.  I will take part in it as much as I can. I think that there are a lot of attractive places to appeal many tourists in Bhutan. Moreover, I am amazed at how kind Bhutanese people is. Once they see the people asking for help, they will reach out for them without hesitation. I have seen the scene like that many times. I also had a chance to be heleped by them a few times. I respet their hospitality. Therefore, I can't  understand the situation of garbage scattered aroud the town.  I feel so sad to see them throw away garbage on the street without hesitation. I think that they should give the nature their hospitality. I hope that this activity appeal to more people in the future.










After that, we had a standard dish, Momo. It's just like dumpling and their favorite meal.  

I find it myself eating too much because it tastes good.



I appriciate them for serving every day. They work more hours than anyone. Thank you so much! 





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