No man is an island

I have worked in Bhutan as JICA volunteer since Jan. 2017. I specialize in remote sensing and GIS and teach researchers these skill.

No man is an island

Happiness is a place

I'm still in Bhutan.

It has been almost 1 year since I came back to my blog. I'm so lazy and sorry about that.

If possible, I try to write myself and daily life once a week.

I wanna introduce some friends I met in Bhutan by dividing a few times.



I went on a trip to some regions with my friend for a week.

Her name is Molly. She is one of my best friends I have ever met in Bhutan. I could make a lot of friendns here. Especially, people from United States. She is one of them.

Our office had admitted international students since 2010 or 2011, but they have moved to other place recently, though. It's far from here. But actually, I'm still engaged in their work with GIS, kind of software. That's why I could see her. She is so kind and such an incredible person. When I stayed alone and was bored, she cared about me and took me to some places like temple, coffee shop and mountain for hike. Everything is precious memories.



In this July, she invited her mother to Bhutan. I was supporsed to travel with them for only 2 days. However, as I stayed with them, it was difficult to say Good bye. It happens as lon as I stay longer here. It can't be helped. Finally, I had a great time with them for a week. I could go and see many places I've never been to.


Thank you so much, Molly  and her mother. I was soooo happy that they treated me as a family. I really appreciated it. I'll never forget you. I'm looking forward to seeing you in U.S. or Japan. I miss you so much.

25. Past 6 months

It has been 6 months since I came Bhutan. I am used to living here and have room to think about something now. I look back on the happy time lately when I have spent with my friends at JICA trraining center. I was filled with joyful expectation before I took part in training. Actually, I worried whether I adjusted to new life, followed the class (langage) and passed final test or not. However, I worried about nothing. I could spend plenty of quality time with them and make lots of friends.

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23. 初めての出張





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22. クリーンキャンペーン





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21. 登山




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20. 盛りだくさん







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